Two Weekly Disposables Contact Lenses Information

Two weekly disposable contact lenses are a halfway house between monthlies and dailies. They’re simply lenses that can be worn every day for up to 14 days or on a part-time basis for a longer period of time (based on your Opticians advice).

Like monthlies, bi-weekly lenses can be taken out at will and re-inserted provided you are prepared to follow strict cleaning and storage guidelines. An appropriate saline solution must be used in order to disinfect the each lens properly and reduce protein, calcium and dirt deposits. Following a hygiene routine is essential if you want to keep eyes bright and free from infection. It also means that your two weekly disposable lenses will stay clear and provide you with maximum visual acuity.

Although two weekly disposable contact lenses are rapidly becoming more popular, they’re still a relatively new phenomenon. At present, there isn’t a very wide choice of lens. Acuvue tend to dominate this particular market. However, they do offer a range of lenses, including ones for wearers affected by astigmatism and presbyopia.

Within the two weekly disposable category there are a number of sub-categories. For example, some manufacturers produce contact lenses that can be worn constantly for up to six nights or even 14 nights in some cases. You must however get approval from an optician before trying an extended wear programme. Those prone to dry eyes tend to find extended wear uncomfortable.

Some two weekly disposables are available as coloured contact lenses. Today’s coloured contacts feature more sophisticated blends for a more natural look.

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