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UV Contact Lenses Information

Protect your eyes from UVR exposure using UV contact lenses

In order to decrease the effects of suns radiation, many eye care professionals recommend UV blocking contact lenses to their patients as a supplement or compliment to sunglasses. Even though these lenses do not provide 100% protection to the eyes, they reduce the effects of UV-A and UV-B rays to some extent. However, not all UV contact lenses are created with equal blocking capacity but vary in quality and level of protection depending on the lens type and the manufacturer.

Amazing color choice:

  • Available in wide range of color choices, the UV contact lenses makes your eyes glow very bright in UV light and black light. Whether you want to match your lens to the freaky Halloween dress or look crazy in the costume parties or festivals, there are tons of colours to select from this range. These super bright lenses in gorgeous colors glow really bold and bright in the night light but look completely natural during the daytime.
  • However, some of the branded contact lenses have UV blocking filters embedded in their lens material that makes them ideal to wear throughout the year. Most of these UV contact lenses incorporate opaque and standard design that makes them suitable for any eye color.

What makes these lenses so popular?

  1. Offers more freedom and flexibility by providing all day UV blocking
  2. Keeps your eyes protected from the damage caused by the suns exposure
  3. They are not only a fashion statement but acts as protective eye wear
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